Saturday, January 3, 2009

A Ring, A Name Pendant and Stuff.

This ring, elephant hair and diamonds, that I made as a replacement for one that was lost.
I have a mould for it and normally I would cast it, but sometimes it is easier to make it from scratch, about four hours from melting and rolling, which beats casting time easy.
And a good seller.

A name pendant fused white and yellow gold and diamonds.
I like the contrast and it looked really good on her.
My main back-up drive died on me this morning. Simply stopped working... This is normally a major fuck-up in anybody's life.
But not for the "Drive aware" dogs on this planet, like me....
On some of the drives in the picture, they so old that one has to light the paraffin wick and once she is up to heat, she works just fine.
Whew, I did not lose anything, but as you can see, I had to dig out some dusty drives, scratch around with some old casings and get the wobble out of my data stream.
I went out and bought a 500GB drive, and once I am fully up to stream, I will back it all up in an independent outside server.
Lesson learned.
My parrot called Cujo,( from the Stephen King book), in the old days. A destruction machine of note.
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