Tuesday, January 13, 2009

St Maarten Medical Center Cartoon

The St Maarten Medical center is a typical hospital one finds in third world countries.
The type where you don't walk in voluntarily.
You get carried in, and if you affliction does not kill you, the paperwork surely will.
Right now there is a yada yada going on between the chief honcho, a Dr. Scott and a Dr Friday, a private gynaecologist.
Friday has spent 300K setting up some swish offices from where he wants to practice, and Scott, the chief, says no, Friday has to work within the hospital.
This has led to a stalemate, with the bureaucrat pulling out arcane and useless rules and regulations to enforce his will over the entrepreneur.
At the same time the rest of the gynaecologists and allied staff are gatvol, and have threatened to resign and set up practice on other islands, where , presumably the hospital chiefs there remember the Hippocratic oath more clearly.

Now, me being an entrepreneur myself, and being firmly on Dr. Friday's side, saw an immediate business opportunity.
Hence the cartoon below, which I sent to the local newspaper yesterday, and it even got printed, nogal ook!

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