Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Diamond and Pearl Rings

I haven't posted for a while. This is simply because I am lazy. And because I have been working on a titanium and gold watch and it is SUCH a lot of work. I am now at the stage of fitting the watch glass and stem, so hopefully next week I will be finished.

I made this pearl ring in white gold. I have so many white gold jobs line up it's quite weird.
Anyway, there's little wires joined to the shank. It was a costume jewellery piece, that when it was worn out, was turned into a 'real' piece, design wise, I mean.

This was the old ring. Crashingly boring....

This is the new one. Based on a design I did some posts back. White gold as well.
The diamond is one of those new brilliant cuts. Like the top is a standard brilliant, but the pavilion has double the amount of facets. It sort of makes the stone look very busy, but it doesn't add to the fire, really. You can sort of see in the picture, it is kind of flat.
My next three main jobs are white gold as well.
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