Sunday, February 1, 2009

The Mouse, The Rat and The Road

Every now and then a rat or mouse decides that my workshop is a good place to make a nest.
This is a very bad decision on their part.
We put out glue traps and generally, this solves the problem in a night or so.
The other day, we had a rat and a mouse in the workshop at the same time.
We put out glue traps and during the night the rat was caught and duly dispatched of.
The next morning, when we checked the other traps, I found this one pictured.
Oh deary me, what a disaster. For the mouse, that is.
You see, what happened was that the mouse was caught first. And then the rat came along and ate the trapped mouse. Alive.... Shame.
But then lions and tigers eat things alive, so I suppose that's nature.
I mean, you don't seriously think the carrot you pulled out of the ground is dead when you pop it into a pot of boiling water, now do you?
Or, for that matter, have you ever thought of how the bacteria scream when they hit the acid in your stomach when you eat some yogurt? Hmmmm?
So next time you eat a steak smothered in mushroom sauce, think about the mouse and yogurt.......and remember that the mushrooms grew in darkness and died in light.
This is the St Maarten road working department filling pot holes with cement. Bad cement.
I know, because four months later it is all gone.
They doing a job where there is no time to do it properly in the first place, but there is always enough time to come and do it again..
Throw away pallet wood and garbage bins seem to be symbiotically parallel to their work....what more can I say?
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