Friday, February 6, 2009

Of Pearls and Broken Down Pendants.

Pearl ring and Russian wedding band. Her old gold.
Those balls at the bottom of the pearl ring is something I learnt from the American goldsmiths.
In SA I had never seen this method of making a ring stay upright on a older lady's finger.
Works very well, too.

Another pearl ring in white gold. These are all attached to to ring with jump rings.

This is an 18kt gold pendant I made about a year ago.
Well, the guy, Axel, gave me this coin, and I made the pendant for him and then he just did not arrive to claim ( and pay ) for it. I phoned and even went to his work place.
Yes he said, he's coming tomorrow to fetch it.
And then he became REALLY scarce.
Gone like a one pointer in a flokati rug.
Rat bag.
And what made me trust him, was that this was the third order that I did for him.
So I didn't take a deposit from him. After the second order, I trust you........
Still do, for that matter.

So I broke the pendant down. Put the diamonds back in stock and recycled the gold.
Put the coin in my safe.
Swing and roundabout stuff. Goes like that.
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