Sunday, March 1, 2009

Bubble Diamond Ring and Titanium Men's Ring

I make this type of ring out of a solid piece of titanium. Then I add the 18kt gold, which is riveted to the body of the ring.
Making this type of ring is a lot of grunt work, but not particularly difficult.
I drill out the center, then file it out with a rat tail 15 inch bastard file and bash it nice and round on my triblet.
Once the center is defined, the outside can be worked. As in the picture, that is a matter of filing in the design.

This ring is made by first making a whole lot of 18kt yellow and white gold bubbles.
These are made by drilling an indentation with a ball frazer into a compressed block of charcoal, and then melting the required amount of gold in it. This gives a nice round ball of gold.
Then the balls are all soldered together and bent into the required shape.
Then the white gold wire is bent, soldered, bent some more, soldered again, bent some more until it goes all around the ring.
Then I make the dome of diamonds, set them and then solder it in place and finish off everything.

Then I sell the thing, make millions and retire to drink red wine on the beach surrounded by beautiful babes, just like Hugh Hefner...ha ha ha
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