Monday, March 23, 2009

New Pendant and New Kindle.

This is a new replacement pendant I have finished.
Blued titanium and 18kt yellow and white gold shape of St Maarten.
The gold line denotes the two sides of the island. The top is France which is also known as the side with the permanent lunch time, and the bottom is the Netherlands side, known as the side with the perpetual power outages. Ahem.. I only joke a little bit....
My new Kindle. For the last three weeks I have had ants in my pants. I kid you not.
Getting this thing to St Maarten took some doing, 'cause Amazon does not ship the Kindle to foreign countries.
So I got my good friend Paula to set up an account at Amazon with her credit card in our name.
And while I am on the subject of good friends, a shout-out to Amy, who also offered to set one up for me as well. Not forgotten at all.
Anyway, once I had that set up I bought with my own Amazon account a gift card and redeemed it into Paula's and mine acc. Buying a gift card can be done with a foreign card.
She then bought the Kindle for me, and when she received it, loaded it with some books and Fed Ex'd it to me.
Naturally Fe Ex arrived on Friday, so I had to wait the WHOLE weekend and until four'o clock Monday until the dude walked in with my parcel.
What a NICE thing.
Previously, and for the last 1o years, I had to order ten or twenty books from Amazon, then have the shipped to Miami, then with a shipping company to St Maarten, or Botswana, before I came here.
This was a major mission and it took anything from six to twelve weeks to get here.
Well this afternoon, I connected my Kindle to my computer and downloaded a book in minutes,
bang, just like that.
It was one that I am halfway through in hardcover, but no ways am I going to finish it other than on my Kindle
And it can hold 500 books.
And it's got a dictionary built in.
Those are the three things I want the most.
It has got all kinds of other stuff, but that don't interest me much. I do all the other stuff on my computer anyway.
I read a boatload of books a year, mostly hardcore science fiction.
But I like reading very good previously read books again.
And being a loskop artist I always loose, misplace or just forget where they are.
And now I can get the latest ones from Amazon, like NOW, as they come out.
I know this is going to be like when digital photography came out. The day I got my first digi camera, I never took another film picture again. Not once.
Like that, I know I will never buy another paperback again.
Fancy books, yes, but paperbacks, never.
What a jol.....
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