Thursday, March 12, 2009

New Spinning Ring and Wedding Set

This is a new fused spinning ring I have finished.
The shank is made out of 18kt yellow and white gold which I fused together.
The spinning top is made out of white gold and I set small diamonds in it.
The center is yellow gold carved collet and I set in a 1.50ct blue green tourmaline that I cut in a modified brilliant cut.
I bought the rough material from Terry Henning at
The bearing in a 5mm shielded bearing. I buy my bearings from
in the U.K.

The is a view from the other side.
A description of how the bearing is made and fitted can be found here, and a description of how I make a spinning ring can be found here.
On this particular ring I used no solder, just to see if I could and I reticulated the yellow gold but I could not reticulate the white gold. So I had to settle for fusing.
I think that the reason the white gold refuses to reticulate is because my formula does not contain any copper . Maybe. I am not sure.

This is a hammered wedding ring set made out of 18 yellow and white gold.
Her ring is set with one carat of smalls.
I think this is my most popular design and technique. A similar method of how I make this type of ring can be found here.
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