Sunday, March 29, 2009

A Ring and a Flower

This is a wide repousse ring made out of 18kt yellow and white gold.
I set .35ct diamonds in it and she weighs 15 grams. That is my target weight.
My latest 'gier' (craze) is to make some flowers out of metal.
I saw this method in a video, (see my previous post).
This one I made out of niobium.
I bought Reactive Metals starter kit in Niobium some time ago, along with their Micro Anodizer. A nice machine, I might add..

And I made only this pendant with it.
The problem is that although niobium is nice to work with, and has an amazing colour range, those colours are somewhat garish. That is why the pendant above is somewhat muted green.
But it suited the laminated CZ that I made first. And this one sold quite quickly, which proves to me another theory I have.
It is the visual or emotional aspect of jewellery that sells it, not necessarily the intrinsic value.
The fact that it was a man made stone, or that it was an exotic , relatively inexpensive material meant nothing to my customer.
It was the visual impact that she liked. And for that she was prepared to pay my price.
Which is great from and artistic point of view, because it broadens the pallet of metals I can use. And at the same time knowing that I have a good chance of being paid, even if the piece takes a hundred hours to finish.
And I am quite tired of gold, in one sense.
At $900 an ounce it limits a goldsmiths creativity.
You can't just plonk down a design that is going to weigh 80 grams. The cost is too high. And then trying to work super light takes much more time and labour, again pushing up your costs.
Ahem...I am teaching my self photo shop.
Or rather, I am being taught by all the tutorials available on the net.
Anyway, making a flower in niobium makes more sense. From the colour point of view.
This one was coloured at about 70 volts in a electro cleaning solution.
It is very easy, because I first electro clean the piece and then just reverse the polarity and anodize it in the same solution.
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