Thursday, March 26, 2009

A Ring, A Rose and a Fish Dish

This is a 18kt yellow and white gold ring I made a good while ago. It came in for sizing, and it was a good opportunity to photograph it properly .

I have not been able to get such nice blue Tourmaline material ever again. The photo really does not do it justice.
A complicated design indeed.
Yet, for all it's business, I works well on her hand.
Yesterday there was a video on Ganoksin on How to Make a Rose by Luis Moreno.
So I made a smaller test one out of silver last night.
I think it came out quite nice.
Now, if only I had known about this technique in my early years. Back in 1981, I was learning jewellery making from Shane, my journeyman.
So this rich rose farmer walks into the shop and orders some jewellery to be made.
We finish the jewellery, a ruby ring and pendant, and he comes back some time later with one of the roses that he grows.
It is like a miniature one. That is what he specialises in. Then he asks me if I can make one like that for him out of 18ct gold.... didn't matter what it cost, just do it.
Now me, I was just brand new in the trade, two years or so, and I was just teaching myself casting. When you learn casting, every problem can be solved by casting.
And boy, did I try. I tried cast about thirty roses, then leaves, and various other plant types.
I dipped them in wax, sprayed them with clear lacquer, burnt the out for five days non stop, all to no avail
The only success I had was with a Geranium leaf. Never got the order finished, sad to say.
I was just in to much of an experimental vacuum to really know what I was doing.
And it never OCCURRED to me to make it by hand. I was just not experienced enough.
But now I am.......
I am going to make a bunch of them in a vase out of silver. Sort of life size.
And I am also going to make a tiny spray of them out of 18kt gold for a brooch. Watch this space.

This is Anne's version of a dish that Hanuman, the owner of Ganoksin and the Thaifoodmaster Silver Pomfret in Three Flavors Tamarind Sauce recipe he put on You Tube.
Okay so we didn't have the right shrimps or fish.
But we made do with what is on the island, and I might say it was friggin' nice.
I love Thai food.
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