Friday, April 10, 2009

Carved Rose Quartz Spinning Ring

A new commissioned spinning ring.
The main stone is a carved and faceted Rose Quartz.
Rose Quartz is always slightly milky, and I love that.
I has a soft misty look. I carved the pavilion so that there were star flashes that had a diffused look to them.
From the technical point, I first facet the stone on my gem cutting machine until 1200 grit.
Then I remove it from the tang. ( the thing that holds the dop and stone)
Then I carve and polish the stars into it.
Then I put it back into the tang and finish faceting the stone

The center stone is a 5mm tourmaline set in a carved collet.
The oblong stone is a rhodolite garnet that I cut into a Wilf Ross rectangular cut.
I love that pattern . It is a brilliant oblong that is far better than a barion cut.
Mind you, the barion works very well with diamonds, but the Wilf Ross works better with lower RI stones. This is my opinion, admittedly.
These rings are very precise and complicated to make.
It takes me about three days of concentrated work, because I did not have to cut the garnet and tourmaline.
Otherwise it is four days work.
I set ten diamonds pavé and then I carve the sides of the spinning bezel so that the flat sides are more interesting.
The ring worked well on her hand and she did love it.
And I am happy with this one.
I like the colour thread. Pale pink, strong pink and dark red work well, in my opinion.
And it catches the eye when it spins...
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