Saturday, April 4, 2009

The Gear Gun Goes Forward

I have been receiving regular GEM's. (Galactic E Mails) from my Outsider friends.
Mostly, they are concerned as to how far my gear gun manufacture is progressing.
It is a problem for me, because they don't understand the concept of money, payment of rent and the purchase of MacDonald's hamburgers.
I try to tell them that I have to take time off from development of the Gear gun to earn my daily sustenance.
They don't understand and press upon me to complete this weapon with dedicated haste.
I have, at great expense to my well being, done so.

The power unit in the middle has been fitted, tested and found to meet all their (Outsider) specifications.
The chocked conducer barrel has been machined and focuses the gear-beam to military specification.
So far so good.

This is a picture of the energy unit capacitory discharge, which meets, and exceeds in fact, the outsiders parameters for power and beam acquisition.
Typically, the orange ball is the last an enemy alien warrior sees before he/she is removed from this world and shunted to the here-after.

The other side of the gun reveals more of the plasma gear drive system.
Each different gear adds a different flavour to the gun.
Depending on their rotation they can produce a devastating slew of neutrinos, or, if the gunner wishes, destroyer beams from the nano atom range to the asteroid range.
A powerful weapon indeed.

And this, my friends, is only one of the planets that my Outsider friends are up against.
Fighting for their lives. And Earths...
Let us all hold hands and pray that I succeed, and that the gun becomes the weapon to liberate our earth from this sickness, this disease, this horror, that is approaching us.
Long live Steam Punk....
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