Sunday, April 19, 2009

Some Here and Some There

I know, this is not really original. But I think that out of the many rings that I have made, she just LOVED it. Much more than much more complicated ones I have made. And that is all good.
A bright shiny person and a bright shiny ring.
'Nuff Said.

So did he. A remake. A nice ring for a nice guy.
I'm happy....

She brought in old gold and I made her this ring with her stones and gold.
With all my experience, I have actually not ever made a ring like this.
Similar, yes, but not like this.
Now those ten diamonds set in the bars are one pointers. They are a bitch to set.
With a microscope, the bitch is removed. ( this is a term of expression, not any chauvinism)
At my ancient age of 53, I could not set them without a microscope.
With a 'scope, it is ridiculously easy.
This is known as the vector of technology and crossing of age.....
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