Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Bangle, a Ring and Pendants

This is an asymmetrical pearl bangle I made for one of my favourite customers, Lynda.
The bangle required smooth and fused sections for the design, and I was most careful not to over fuse on a smooth surface.
The the fusing texture is very strong visually. It very easily overrules the smooth if to much is layered on.
This one worked nicely, me thinks.

This is a ring I made for Janet which is fused 18kt gold set with diamonds, ruby and sapphire.
If I had to associate myself with a style, then this is it.
I seriously like making designs like this.

I made two shapes of St Maarten. Again. They sell well.
Titanium background, 18kt white gold background and fused 18kt yellow gold.
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