Friday, May 29, 2009

Earrings, a Pendant and Furtheration of the Time Tower

A new design.
A set of titanium earrings with the shape of St. Maarten in 18kt gold.
I must say that the blue titanium map jewellery sells very well.
I would not hesitate to suggest that any 'smith should have this type of model in their inventory.
The shape of the place they are in, I mean, not titanium per sé.
Larimar cab in a sun pendant. What can I say? It is the Caribbean, mon.
Made for John, as a surprise gift to his wife.
The Time Tower advances.... I like making projects like this.
I think it is going to be in the 300 hour range of work. Nice and comfortable.
I made two doors at the bottom which can open and close.
The empty spaces in the doors and sides will have glass in.
The front is still going to get a clock in as well.
This will be the main view, but I have to make the side clocks and doors and windows before I can see what the 'main' clock will look like.
Rest assured that it will have blued titanium in it.
I have complete freedom to do what I like since this is not an order...
This is one of the clock sides that I just printed a piece of paper of the actual face (maybe) that I am going to put in.
The blue/green is patinaed copper that I coloured with Rio's green Patina.
As in the windows below, the side body is made of three layers.
that is, brass, copper and brass again.
The front panel is pierced out to show the patinaed copper behind it.
The whole catastrophe is held together with copper nuts and brass bolts that I make.
The clock will have a bubble glass cover. That is , if I can find it on the 'net...
My Gear Gun took six months of spread--- out---- time.
This one should be the same, me thinks......
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