Tuesday, May 19, 2009

The Gear Gun is Completed

Finished---at least to this point.
With this kind of project, one can easily overwork a piece.
There is always more detail that can be made.
Always another thingamabob that can be added.

So I decided to stop at this point.
Everything is polished and sealed with a sealer.
The four brass tubes are actually custom made penlight battery holders.
When the red trigger button is pressed, all the gears in the handle turn.
There is actually a small DC motor in the barrel and on the copper dome the first two coiled silver electrical inputs can be seen. This motor drives the gear train.

The second coiled silver conductors go to the trigger button.
Testing the heft.

And the balance........

This is actually where the gear gun comes from.
It is the gear system from a printer machine that a buddy of mine was trashing.
I never just trash something. I first take it apart,THEN I trash it.
Coming up next is a brass/copper clock and light combination still in the steam punk genre.
Long live Steam Punk
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