Saturday, May 9, 2009

The Gear Gun Proto-Type

On the one side of our galaxy are the race known as the Barbarians.
A carnivorous reptilian species that think of human beings as food.
On the other side is us--the food source.
In the middle are the outsiders, a inter galactic task force that has been sent here from other galaxies to prevent the destruction of the human race.
They are slowly loosing the battle.
But one thing that can change everything is the
I was tasked to make this weapon by an emissary of the Galactic task force,who arrived one day at my doorstep.
He pleaded to me and told me money was not the problem,,,,
He asked if the weapon could be finished as soon as possible
Indeed, I told him of the many difficulties,
the philosophy and justification for making such a weapon.
the concept, and how it will destroy that what it is aimed at.
the engineering, the power curves, the art of focusing..
the action,--- such destruction in the wrong hands...
Keep in mind that one has to very careful in dealing with the outsiders, because, while they never lie, they dissemble, evade, subtly misrepresent and willfully misunderstand.
Sometimes they contrive to give one an unambiguous impression of their future course of action while in fact intending to do exactly the opposite.
I once asked them why they are like that and they said they learnt the methodology from earth's politicians. I thought it prudent not to question further.
However, then he put gold bars and diamonds on the table. And they were of such quantity and quality, that it made sure that I could do nothing but build and design to their demand.
So I have been hard at work finishing the production model. And full production is imminent.
Already, proto-type copies sent to the galactic front are proving very successful in battle conditions.
This is the proto type still unfinished. All the components are assembled and ready but final finishing must still take place.
The first model had two power packs, but under battlefield conditions it was deemed necessary to add two more.
More Barbarians were killed per shot with more power.
This is a view of the outside side. This particular model is right handed.
The various power-feed trans-curves conductors can be seen.
The four brass tubes are the power transducers that feed power to the individual gears. This determines what the gun will fire, from plasmic rays to micro needles to the anti matter beam.

This is a production shot of the optical firing system being fitted.
Promotional poster showing the gear gun firing in it's plasma mode
A comprehensive list of systems will be printed in the instruction manual, coming soon.
Long live Steam Punk
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