Saturday, May 23, 2009

A Ring, a Bangle and the Time Tower.

This is a 18kt yellow and white gold tourmaline and diamond ring.
I like making rings that lean towards the so-called 'art' genre.

This is a yellow and white gold hook and hinge bangle.
Celebrate the ocean waves and all that stuff.
Anyway, that was the brief.
Came out nice, though, and looked very good on Rebecca.

Don't laugh just yet.
This is my latest steam punk project.
It is something called the Time Tower.
Ultimately, it will be a wall light with two lights either side of the tower.
It is going to have three clocks in the top section, and a steam movement in the middle section.
The chassis is made out of 6mm brass stock.
I have been making the windows.

The windows are made out of three different sections of brass and copper sheet.
They will have glass in the center.

They fit together to make a 'window frame'. Trust me, it is true.
I hand make all the brass and copper nuts and bolts.
I have a vague idea where I am going with this piece
That's the nice part with fantasy work.
You can have a vague direction and still arrive at your destination.
A little bit like going nowhere and all the roads still lead to the kings castle.
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