Wednesday, June 3, 2009

A Choker, a Pendant and the Time Tower ( of course)

This is a 18kt choker that I made for René with her gold and diamonds.
Making this piece took quite a long time, because there are lots of rings to be made.
There are thirteen rings in the center part in which the diamonds are set.
They all had to be centered and soldered and then 3 carats of old cut diamonds had to be pavé set in them.

Setting that kind of diamond is always a mission.
I call them rovals. ( round and oval)
Fat girdles, razor girdles, high crowns, low crowns, they got them all.
Sometimes sentimental value can cause grey hairs and mightily stretch the patience.
Anyway, the job came out nice and I didn't bust any stones setting.

This is a titanium pendant with a hollow gold pear shape and white gold twist wire around it.
A gift from him to her.
It is VERY dangerous for a guy to design jewellery for his wife without her knowing. A little bit like buying her clothes or a hand bag or lipstick. Trust me, I know
Very delicate territory.
I think she will like it though.
The Time Tower continues. I am actually further than this picture shows.
Still a loooong way to go, though.
I made the third face out of 1 brass layer, a second brass layer and 1 layer of titanium.
A bit like Photoshop..........
The clock is only printed paper, like I said in my previous post.
It's all still rough and ready, unpolished and all.
When I start a complicated project like this, or in jewellery, I never really know where I am going to end up.
I sort of bumble along and often I have to make a U turn and when I come to a fork, I take it.
Just kidding, I read that somewhere. The fork part, I mean.
I have about 50 hours of work in it so far.
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