Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Three Rings and Furtheration of the Time Tower

I finished this ring today. Set with a .85ct diamond and the tube in white gold with little diamonds set in the fused sides.

This is a sort of stock ring for me. I cast the basic shank and then I fit, in this case, titanium that has been heat blued.
The dolphin is then riveted through the titanium and the shank, holding the whole affair together.
I have, in the past, used that shank with enamel as the background and elephant and birds as the motives.

She liked her ring plain and simple.I thusly made it such.

Oo-Rah! The time tower marches forward. The wood is Cherry wood.
The sides are copper. The corners feet are brass.

In the center of the Time tower, there will be a rheostat that will control the intensity of the lights. On the top of the light is a copper plate with a brass ring and a clear lens.
I just love those light bulbs. I buy them at Ace ( can you believe it!) They so old valve-ish.
That is why I made the bottom brass fitting to hide the obviously modern screw fittings.
The sides are still going to be adorned with a brass gate kind of a thing-a-ma-bob.

I didn't want to have the corners of the Time Tower standard, so I carved a wax model and the cast it into silver as the master. It was quite big, about 100 grams and it didn't fit into a standard vulcanising mould so I moulded it in Silicone.
I solder the sprues on and then I make a perspex box the right size.
Then I drill a hole in the removable front part so that the main sprue fits in tightly.

And I 'solder' ( or should the be braze, or stick?) the front on with injection wax. That holds everything rigid and is easy to remove when necessary.

I use a two part Silastic 'J' silicone from Dow Corning or Zero D's clear silicone. Both are very good. This stuff is actually white and then the 'hardener' is green. That way you can see if it is mixed well. The stuff looks like creamy mint chocolate, and in fact when they make those chocolate adverts on TV where the chocolate pours over something, it is actually silicone.
Brown silicone. Delicious.
I digress.

And then they are injected ,

and cast.
For casting material, I just buy brazing rods. $10 per pound.
They work real good and they very yellow.
KISS, you know.
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