Monday, June 8, 2009

A Titanium Pendant, Spessertite and the Time Tower

This pendant sold over the Internet last week.
Even though it's not new work, I think it is some of my more original work.
It took four attempts to carve a shape of St Maarten out of larimar.
The colour is actually deeper than in the photograph.
I made the surround out of 18kt gold tubing and titanium wire.
believe me, you can break a poep-string drawing that stuff.
This is my latest faceted and carved stone I have finished
A 10.45ct Spessertite garnet.
I dop the stone, then I basic facet the pavilion to 1200 grit.
Then I take the dop out of my machine and carve and polish the design on my bench finished.
The basic method can be found here .
Then I put the stone back in the machine, line it all up again and finish faceting the stone.
The reason I do it that way is because when one carves the stone the carved edges will have tiny chips on them.
Re-faceting the pavilion makes them nice and crisp.
This one is a complete free form. So the rough basically determines what shape it will be.
This is nice spessertite, flawless, from Nigeria.
Next to tourmaline, garnet is my second favourite stone to cut.
Nice and dramatic colour.
I am going to carve and cast a wax ring for it next week or so.
The Time Tower moves forward.
I have added the top panels (still uncompleted) and I made the gear train.
This is a side view

I made some moulds from the nylon gears that came out of the printer that the Gear Gun was made out of.
I took a chance. I had no idea if nylon, (or if that is the material it is made out of) could be vulcanised.
And lo and behold, it took the heat easily.
After I cast the gears I made two side shaft holders.
I cut two pieces of brass flat stock, bolt them together, draw the basic design on them and file the hell out of them.

And Boing! one cool 'gear train' .
Ok, boing might not the absolute right word, because it took a couple of days to finish.
Anyway, it looks Victorian and steampunk-ish.
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