Monday, July 20, 2009

An Aquamarine Ring and an Aquamarine Pendant

This is a pale aquamarine that I laminated and faceted after I inserted a .10ct diamond in it.
The aqua is not actually as pale as in the photo, though. I suspect the diamond makes is look a little lighter in colour.
It is set in a 18kt yellow and white gold dress ring.
The sides are actually concave, so they reflect the center white gold bands.
Difficult to photograph.

The diamond stands in a polished 'U' shaped cup inside the pavilion.
This causes it to move all the time on the finger inside the stone.

It is a very striking effect, one I am well pleased with.
This is a piece of aquamarine that I carved. It is one of the nicest blue colours I have ever had to cut or carve, and it is also unheated.
This is not often the case with aqua.
Heating removes the green component in aqua giving it a more pure blue.
I probably would not have carved this piece, but the rough was of such a shape that to facet it would have lost too much weight.
It came in at 4.90ct.
It almost looks like irradiated topaz, it is so blue.
I then made this pendant in fused 18kt yellow and white gold with it.
I got the sapphire from Andrew of
A while ago, I bought a mine run selection of $500 worth of rough from him, and I must say, I have cut some nice stones from it.
Anyway, the diamond at the bottom of the pendant is an old mine cut stone.
I love that type of stone.
All the facets are skew, the stone is a roval, (round and oval), just got lots of character.
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