Monday, July 13, 2009

Carved Aqua Ring, a Bangle and Odds and Ends

I just finished this stock replacement ring.
18kt yellow and white gold.
The shank is made out of white gold in the center and yellow on the outside.
I was going to add all the usual frills that I do when Anne said, no leave it just like this.
She liked the tubes a bit jumbled up.
So I did.
It is always good to have a Muse.

This is the Aqua that I carved for the ring, coming in at 6.05ct.
This is one that I carved for a wax ring that I am going to cast next week or so.
A commissioned yellow and white gold bangle. This is the first part of the work.
In all probability, it will come back next your for me to set diamonds in the center.
Replacement stock.
A silver fused ring set with a carved Budd stone.
I work in any metal. I like silver.
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