Friday, July 3, 2009

A Gold Jade Ring and two Composite Stones.

This is a ring I made for Mort.
Set with a Canadian Nephrite Jade, one of the toughest stones that I have made a cab out of recently. I hammered this stone it to the ring hard, and it laughed at me.
I really like the olive green.
A real macho man colour.
A Canadian customer of mine John , gave me a small slab, perfect for making jewellery stones out of, and I am going to cut some more shapes out of it and make some more 'Man Jewellery' soon.

Now for the wimp side of me :)
This CZ, a composite of the unfinished picture shown in the previous post.
I cut the pavilion in a stepped round cab.
Like a circle at 42º and then a circle at 50º.
This gives it that watery look from the top.
The same effect can be achieved if one facets a normal brilliant pavilion and then you cut the crown a 'buff top', namely a cabochon smooth top.
It makes all the flat facets look like they being viewed under water.
Very cool effect.
And this is a composite of pale blue CZ laminated to a dark blue CZ.
In this one, like the previous one, I cut the table larger.
This gives me a reflection of five gold balls, instead of four, as was shown in the aquamarine in the previous post.
Ok, reflection of five balls is strictly speaking wrong.
The center ball is the real ball, the others are reflections of the middle one.
We learn as we go along.....
And, if I might say so, this is the first optical illusion gem I have made.
There is a whole realm of possibilities.......
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