Tuesday, July 21, 2009

A Laminated Amethyst with a Fine Gold Ball Inside

This is my latest laminated amethyst I have finished
With this one I made the internal cavity as big as was possible without loosing the stones integrity.

What I also did this time, is to increase the crown facets to 40º and keep them high.
Then I faceted the top in a slight dome, like oº, then 10º, then 20º.
What that did was act as a mini magnifying glass, so the center ball appears bigger.
Also, I faceted eight main facets, instead of four. I think this will be about the maximum before the flower effect is lost and it starts looking like a bicycle sprocket.

This is a view of the pavilion.
The ball in actually small compared to the actual stone.
This little video shows the 'mercury effect' that the little gold ball has when the stone is slightly shaken around, as if it were set in a ring, say.
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