Saturday, July 25, 2009

Carved Aquamarine Ring and Anti Clastic Ring

This is the third and last of the aquamarine pieces that were made for replacement stock.
A ring, a pendant and lastly, another ring.
I did not cast this wax carving.
Problem was I put the stone at 45 degrees-ish and then when I showed it to Anne she said it was kak.
The 45 degrees part.
After sulking for a little while, I did concede she might, just might, have a point.
So I carved a new model that had the main shape of the stone running parallel to the finger.
This kind of work I seriously like doing.
I like carving the stone, carving the wax and casting the result.
This is a fused anti-clastic ring that has diamonds set in the little white gold balls.
Needless to say, this is also work I like doing. In't pretty?
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