Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Balancing Fiddlesticks

And this is the second time I made this brooch. The first one was lost.
I call these fiddle stick brooches.
I South Africa in the 1980's, this style was very popular in rings and brooches and earrings.
They much more difficult to make than their simple design suggests.
Getting those bars square and parallel can be a major mission.
You fiddle a lot, hence the name.

A leather gold bracelet made for a dutch dude's 21st bought for him by his parents.
I seem to remember I got soap on a rope for mine.

Never mind the wine, or the lack of it.
I didn't think the tooth pick would have held, so I was forced to drink the wine first. ha ha

The nails are all hanging and then balanced on the center nail that is stuck into the cork.

The angle of the camera makes this look impossible, but I swear I did not use any glue.
Two forks and a spoon and a tooth pick on the glasses edge.
When I showed this to Anne, all she muttered was, you bending my forks fracked, or something along those lines.
Sigh, sometimes it's hard for a genius.
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