Friday, August 14, 2009

It's a Two-Faced Fraking World.

OK, The previous comment in the previous post really blew me out the water.

QUOTE "Hans, i think you need a Minties.Mehoose:-)"

I couldn't figure it out, until I googled 'Minties' and I discovered it is a chewy sweet in Australia and this person comes from Aussie.
Now I don't know Mehoose personally.
Suffice to say that I know he, or she, is an active member of Gemology Online.

But I figured out that the reason I need a Minties is because I used the word 'fucking' in my previous post. Shirt!

Anyway, my wife is also always telling me I can't say this or that on my blog and that I swear to much on my blog, so I have decided to replace the word fuck with FRAK

The reason is simple.

Janet Jackson shows a breast on TV ( notice I didn't say tit?) and the TV station gets fined $500,000 for a 'wardrobe malfunction'.

BUUUT --Battle Star Galactica shows on TV and there they say fraking idiot!, frak this and frak that.
So frak is cool but fuck is not.

On the John Stewart show they say F(bleep) often and that is cool also. It means fuck but as long as you don't see the letters or hear the word that's ok.

So c**nt, and p***y are cool but cunt, and pussy are not.

I can live with that.

He: "Baby, I would like to frak you".
She: "Oooh, you are so well spoken."

So frak it is, Mehoose.
You win.
And can you send me some of those fraking Minties please, cobber?
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