Friday, August 21, 2009

Making Little Silver Boxes

I like little boxes.
I used to collect little boxes when I has young.
I kept the in a big box under my bed when I was little.
Then I came home from school one day and my mother had decided to clean out my room.
She threw out all my boxes, my lighter collection ( about 20) and my Superman collection of comics.
But hey, what was gone was gone. I didn't collect much after that.
Not until I was much older, anyway.
So now I make then from time to time.
I bought this wax working apparatus from a dental tech buddy of mine.
Very cool, with an adjustable pen, a collection of different tip that I have made, all clean and neat.
This is a picture of a box heavily sprued up.
I rather over sprue when I cast silver, it being cheap in relation to gold.
I first sprue up and then I decorate the sides.

Finished, blackened slightly with Liver of Sulphur.
A dime for size comparison.
The back. I cast the hinges in place. Easy peasy that way.
Cute, in'it?
This one that has compartments in it so you don't mix up your headache tablets with your ecstasy ones...just kidding, just kidding.

This one I have blogged before, but I thought it appropriate to add.
I wax the stained glass and cast the silver around it.
Needless to say, my success ratio is not very high.
Mostly the glass cracks when the silver cools, but sometimes it works, like this one.
Cool, not?
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