Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Proof of Concept Folding Cross Finished

Okay, so this is the completed box. Unfinished off, but the basic stuff completed.
It is 14mm square.

That pin pulls out to open it. It is one of those pins that doesn't pull out all the way.

Then the bottom folds out.

And the arms fold out.
The gold one will have stones set in the flat part of the pyramids.
And on the outside of the box.
The unfolded size is 50mm x 35mm, excluding the V-link.

When the arms are folded in they are held in place with those two little lugs.

Like that.
The gold one will have the V-link hinged.
I'm not going to do it on this one because I'm gatvol on working on this thing.
Believe me dude, this was a fraking lot of work so far.
But now that the proof of concept is finished I can make one in gold.
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