Saturday, August 15, 2009

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Oh Feck Hans, you're right on Minties being a sweet, not why I said it.The T.V Ad. went along the lines of "if you've had one of those days, have a Minties." I wasn't having a go at your language you dag. So pull your bloody finger out and sort out that cross:-)Mehoose.

Ahaa that is the fraking reason. A Tv add. Whew!
My faith is Aussies has been restored.
Not that it was damaged though, because my sis lives in Perth ( along with half of South Africa ) and I think Aussies are seriously cool people.

Yep, Mehoose, I have pulled my finger out indeed.
Remember, all this stuff is taken on the fly and is also unfinished, so it looks kak.
So I developed the cross further.
Problem was, for it to fold up nicely it had to be broadened on the center 'post'. (Is that the right word?)

Anyway, so it folded up into this box affair. About 15mm by 15mm.

This is the top open.
I didn't like it.
Because the fraking center part is to wide.
Or put it another way, the arms are not the same width as the center post.
What is needed, I think, is a 45º bevel on each piece, instead of a 90º like the box has.

So I cut 12mm square pieces of silver and glued them onto a dop and proceeded to cut them on my Imahashi.
This did not work as smoothly as I thought it would.
Reason was, I use epoxy to dop my stones but because silver conducts heat extremely well , so it heats up super quick.
So no matter how much water you use on the diamond lap, the fracking thing heats up and "poef" --off it is.
Because heat makes the epoxy release.

No matter. All I did, (after a nights sleep figuring out what to do, admittedly), was to solder the thing onto my dop with silver solder. (Brazing to non-jewellers)

Okay, so now I am at this stage.
12mm squares that have a 45º bevel . Exactly.
Tomorrow I make and solder on the hinges.
If it works, then I must figure out how the catches will work to hold the whole thing together.
Once the silver concept piece is finished and works, a whole vista opens.
Because then I will make one out of gold.
Then the cross can be be-jewelled when it is open and worn as a cross.
And the box, when it is folded closed, and which I will file half round, will also be set with stones.
Still, many a slip 'tween the cup and the lip, because I can see that the catches are going to need some serious figuring out to make them work........
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