Thursday, September 17, 2009

Back From Spartanwhatever.

I am not going too put to many pictures of the scenery in the Carolina's on, but it is a beautiful state--if some what like the movie "Picnic at Hanging Rock."
A bit dark and dangerous....and a bit clammy.
We decided to travel back via the 'scenic route' instead of the larger highways.
That proved to be more troublesome than we expected.
The roads are all well sign posted, but the numbers of the route will change into another number, and then disappear all together. Then you will come to a T or Y junction and there will be three numbers of the route that are not on your map.
So which way? Then they appear again some 400 meters down the road.
All very confusing to plaas-japies like us.
The result is we drove a fracking long distance but actually got not much closer to our destination.
Anyway, we had a good time doing it.
This is an example of the scenic route.
Not all of it is like this, of course.
Lots goes through little towns and shlock, strip malls, car dealerships and such like.
And it is very busy, cars and trucks all the time.
Still, we managed to pick up some nice birds along the route.
I am now under the firm impression that the general american has a fixation with lawns.
EVERY house has a lawn. And not small one either, as the pictures show.....
Such a small house in such a vast expanse.
Inexplicable reasons for mowing.
More inexplicable mowing.
Right to the road, nogal.
Ol' Billy's trying. Very trying....
Ok I'm visual.
So which one saves, Jesus, the blood or maybe the speed limit?
Or all of them?
I do not like to dwell on the negative on this blog.
But as we travel, there are so many abandoned houses we see.
Sometime perfectly good ones, with the furniture still standing outside.
I have seen at least 50 in the last two days.
And well kept lawns, obviously just recently abandoned.
Some still have a motor car standing around.
I wonder where all the people went?
Very sad indeed.
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