Monday, September 28, 2009

Birds and a Whinge and a Sign

This is a picture of Arnold, the Great blue Heron.
He used to hang around the pond outside the flat in the early morning and evening in Lake Worth.
We did not do much birding at all through out the trip, unlike the fanatical birders we used to be.
In South Africa, our team The Chobe Chaulkers, held the southern African record for the most birds identified in a 24 hour period (290) for quite a few years....Ahem.
Anyway, for my records as well, this trip produced, in no particular order:
Canadian Goose
Great blue Heron ( by the flat)
Tri-Coloured Heron (by the flat)
Blue jay
Tufted Titmouse
Red breasted Gross beck
Red bellied Woodpecker
Cerulean Warbler
Horned Lark
Eastern Meadowlark
Red tailed Hawk
Monk Parakeet
Mottled Duck (by the flat)
Little Blue Heron ( by the flat)
Northern Cardinal
Redshoulderd Hawk
Blue grey Gnat catcher
Belted Kingfisher
Boat tailed and common Grackle
Brown Pelican
White Ibis (by the flat)
American Crow
House Sparrow
Turkey Vulture,
Northern Mockingbird
Common Moorhen (by the flat)
Brown Thrasher
Doves: Mourning, Eurasian Collared and Common Ground
and of course Feral.
A rather slim list, unfortunately.
Back on the island, there was plenty material to make a fat whinge about.
This is the condition of the road to Mary's Boon and Horny Toad.
So the cars drive on the pavement of the building. which is well and truly getting fracked-up.
Or is that cracked-up?
You may rest assured the the chief chickens in the government will not fix it up.
A Caribbean Grackle taking advantage of a the standing water---eeeuuuwww.
I assume this sign is there because the store is near a school.
At least, there were a few of those old pre World War 1 yellow school buses they have here as well standing around.
I wonder what frack-wit nanny thought that one up.
Like what is the difference between 100 and 110 feet?
Do cops walk with tape measures on their belts, like carpenters?
Like pupils ever have trouble getting booze or drugs at school if they want to.
I suspect that the sign-making adults suffer from amnesia, or were SUCH prissy's all their time was spent schloeping up to the teachers.
And writing up signs afterwards.
I do vaguely remember that kind of presence in some of my classes too.
Just saying.......
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