Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Checking Out The Possies

We went driving along the Florida coast.
Checking out the general scene.
I like impressive houses. Especially ones that are well kept and well designed.
Not because I envy them, or because I want to live in one, but because I always wonder why someone would want to own such a large space.
I find it fascinating, having eighteen rooms, or six bathrooms, or five toilets, set in ten acres of lawn.
I always wonder if the owner actually visits those toilets one after another, or sleeps in those bedrooms from time to time.
The amount of work that the Mexicans do on them is amazing.
Here is a floating house at the garden gate.
And a slightly different house.
We were driving down the road, and we saw this truck standing there. ( click on any picture to enlarge it)
I said that these guys used that to deliver their jewellery.
( Fracking lot of solitaires you going to deliver in there.)
Anne, being more, ah, savvy, said they use that as a mobile sign board.
She was right of course.
We went in there and spoke to a very nice lady owner and she said Boca Roton has severe signage restrictions, and so a way around it was to park a truck with signage on it to circumvent the locally strict by-laws.
This goes to show that even here, the civil servant is not allied to entrepreneurs.
This available place was the very best we found today.
$1800 per month.
100 square metres. I can cry....tears of joy...
With a 50 square meter building in the back.
And a large paved area.
Large signage on the side.
Anne spoke to the owner and he seemed a very nice guy.
Sigh, I would move in tomorrow if we had the visa.
Or if we lived in another time.
But these days, it is the bureaucracy that controls every ones life.
What can I say, except I will be back.
A boat storage place. American style!
Got to admit that beats Bobbies Marina in St Maarten....
Frack it dude, you mean NO ONE has ever mocked you at school about your surname???
Is that your surname anyway?
What planet do you live on?
The number plate is difficult to read, but it says R 7. The model of the Mazda.
Seriously cool.
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