Sunday, September 13, 2009

A Day in Charleston

We got to Charleston and Anne, my Pilot, guided the Vola and I, the Captain, to the visitors center.
Very well organised.
There were two soldiers in step out uniforms holding open the doors as some people were carrying in tables and chairs.
We asked them if this was the visitors center, thinking they were doormen.
No, they said, we are only holding the door open.
They were not really impressed with us, I might add.......
Anyway, there we were able to get this B&B for about $90/per night.
Really, really nice.
The Barksdale House Inn, it's called. Built in 1778, nogal ook.

Ain't it cool? Totally clean and neat.

Real old world stair case also built in 1778.

These rooms could tell some stories, me thinks.

Back entrance. Cool or what??

Breakfast very good and served by a totally engaging lady, who told us all about Charleston's ins and outs.

We got seriously lucky, because the TV had the Formula I race in Monza on live.
Does it get better than that?
You can see it doesn't by the manner my toes are curling....
Charleston has some really nice buildings and houses.
Some are similar to ones in PTA.

A also horse carts through the city. Quite a few, in fact.

One of the houses that my father forgot to buy me when I was younger.

Many buildings are kept in tip top shape.

Some signs, however, are modified somewhat.
Love the sticker, though.....
This was on a road through a plantation we did this afternoon. We wanted to see some birds.
I must say, South Carolina in this area is not very good with birding.
One Turkey Vulture, one Mourning Dove a few Starlings and an American Crow.
All birds we have seen before.
Maybe more a bit more north, but it ain't nothing like Africa.
Tomorrow we leave for Raleigh.
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