Sunday, September 6, 2009

Flight and First Day

Well we finally got the shop locked up. The birds at the vet, the car parked and all the million things that we have to do to stop earning money. Anne at Princess Juliana Airport.
Well, turns out that when a Dutch queen gets succeeded then she returns the title of Princess.
In this case, this one has already croaked.
The final view of Caribville for the next three weeks.
Once we got to the hotel The Hampton Inn, very cool by the way. We had to watch Moto Gp the next morning. First time I actually watched through streaming video in bed.
Making coffee, A boere meisie maak 'n plan.
Sending emails. From the office.

The first piece of trash I have seen in the city.
St Maarten, are you listening.?
This Sunday we wen to a giant swop place with a dinkum Drive in.
They have not had those thing in SA for years.
The flag manufacturers make a lot of money in the USA. There are flags EVERYWHERE,
Not like in St Maarten. The only time you see flags there is when the politicians suddenly show up for work two days before election. I kid, but not much.

We went to a giant shopping mall called Sawgrass Mills, A big as Menlyn, at least. Very cool food, I'm dik gevreet.
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