Friday, September 4, 2009

Holiday and Bizz Trip Start

Now this blog changes for the next three weeks or so.
Anne and I are leaving for Florida and the Carolina's on a holiday/bizz trip.
We want to see if we can find a place to open a sister business over there.
So what I am going to do is take pictures of the sort of day to day things that we are experiencing.
A mini travel blog if you will.
For friends and family. Ok, maybe not the Meevis family so much since other than my nephew and niece, the rest of them are computer dumb, sorry......challenged.
Friends and Anne's side of the family then.
We put all the jewellery in the bank, Anne is taking the birds to the vet. He looks after them for a fee. Very cool.
We pitch at Ft Lauderdale tomorrow at six-ish in the evening and then were mess around for a day or so and mellow north in a rented car. We got no real plans other than to see a few places we think might be cool, do some serious birding.
Birding.. now that is a thing I have not done since Africa, because this island sucks when it comes to birds.
I also am going to see if I can check out the Space Shuttle landing and also there is a Atlas V rocket launch on the 15 Sept which I really want to see. Seeing the space shuttle live has always been a life 'thing to do' for me.
I got a note book computer so I can remain on the 'net as I travel. The only thing is I got to use stronger glasses because the screen is so small.
Sigh, age sucks big time, I turn 54 on the 8th.
Luckily I suffer from a serious disease called (ADD) arrested develepmentisis disorder, which means I never mentaly made it past 25 years.
We both bouncing with excitement.
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