Friday, September 25, 2009

Last Two Days

Thanks to sasseriansection who posted a link in my Kennedy Space Center post comments, concerning our dilemma about the Toll roads.
Thanks, dude, much appreciated.

In Delray there was a dollhouse exhibition. I like miniature things and in SA Anne and I once went to one in Jo'burg. I was amazing, because those ones were all made by hand, from real marble-topped dressers to proper china teapots 6mm high
This one a bit disappointing because most of the miniature artifacts were store bought and made in china, instead of being made out of china.
Still, there were some nice models.

There was also, in the museum a Barbie doll display.
Now, before I ruin my reputation permanently, I WILL say that I do have an interest in Barbie dolls.
But not because I like playing with them, thweetie.
Seriously cool chick.

One thing in America is when they do something, they do it once and well. Not like in St. Maarten where there is never enough time to do the job properly the first time, but always enough time to come back and do it again.

" Hey Joe, my fax machine is broken. Can I text you the sign ?"

Yesterday we went to the Ikea showroom. Anne wanted to go.
I don't know if they in SA, but they are a component furniture manufacturer.
You get the stuff disassembled in boxes, and once you realize that the instructions cannot be figured out, you throw the boxes away and you go to a proper furniture store and by the stuff finished made...just kidding
It's all tacky stuff and I use the cupboards for workshop fittings.
I would never put it in my home, promise. I know, that's just the snob in me, but there you go....
Anyway, they got these major show rooms where they display kitchens and bedrooms and such
Like above.

And that toilet you see has got a plastic cover that says display only.
Can you imagine someone sitting down and taking a dump in the show room?
Has that ever happened?

A fracking good price for a mirror.
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