Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Lynda and Nat offered their apartment in Lake worth for us to stay and then explore the area Very, very cool.There was a problem with the keys at first, so we booked into the Hampton Inn just round the corner. They pretty nice hotels typically middle of the range. about $100 per night.

Not the most healthy of breakfasts, although there is fruit and other types of goat food available as well, of course. Every condiment, including milk,butter,jams,mustard, etc in packed into little plastic boxes.
Styrofoam plate and plastic utensils give new meaning to the phrase 'disposable society'

Eeeuww, looks like a traffic accident .

Point made

The apartment we staying in is very cool.

The view is also very nice.
It is set in a giant golf course thinga-ma-jig
So when we left to go check town out we came back through a different entrance.
We drove around and after a while we realised that we might not be on the right road.
Or maybe I should admit it. We were lost.
So we turned around at at a stop street and retraced out path .
After a while we came to the same stop street.
So we turned around again.
Then we saw the postman. AHA!!
First thing he says is "You lost".
Right ---so we not the first..
Anyway, when follow his instructions and eventually we get to the same stop street that we were before---- Mmmmm.
So eventually we came to an exit, we left the estate and drove around it until we found the right entrance and then we finally found the apartment.
Luckily our rented Vola has unlimited millage in the contract.
There is another thing that happened to me two days ago.
I don't see to good without glasses.
I certainly can't read any writing without them anymore.
So I go for a shower and I grab my toothbrush and toothpaste and start brushing my teeth.
And man. this tooth paste really, really tastes bad. REALLY BAD.
I thought the toothpaste tube had settled and I was getting the bad top bit.
So the next morning, I see a more familiar toothpaste lying next to the basin and I think, "Surely Anne does not have TWO toothpaste tubes?"
I go fetch my glasses and read the second tube.
It is Anne's anti-thrush cream........
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