Saturday, September 26, 2009

Of The Last Day In America.

Thing is, I like uncertainty.
I like the not knowing what tomorrow is bringing or where I will be.
But I am afraid that is not what reality is all about.
So we came back to St. Maarten.
If you got a slow connection, don't click the start--it's a 9 meg file...
I like America more than St. Maarten.

Coming back to Miami, for my SA readers, this is the average American highway.
At 80 miles, that's just under 120 k's.
And none of the SA duck and dive--- all flickers and polite and serious and cool.
Mostly, anyway

My lady love.
On the way home after the Outback, just clowning around in an empty parking lot on our last night in America.
Don' make no difference, she be beaut.

Blurred or not, she photo good.
Still my favourite, after nineteen years.....( the women, not the picture :)
I really like this crishy pic.
Crisp paper and all.

So we got to Ft. Lauderdale airport.
Then we dropped of the car. So we were car-less.
And then there is this fancy tele thing, which did not work to phone for the courtesy bus.
Frack--- so we used the cell phone, and the bus eventually picked us up.
So much for fancy.

We stayed a t a Comfort Inn--at $99 per night.
The first thing was the airco's cover dropped off.

Then the tap fell off AND THERE WAS NO HOT WATER .
I did not want to move to another hotel, so I had a Boot Camp Shower and shave.

And the carpets were voking vuil.. 99 fracking bucks per night, nogal...
But it was not all bad.
We had a great chow at the Outback restaurant.
Walking distance. So we could drink and drive, if you get my drift.
This is a chain group and they make some seriously lekker chow.
A bit like the 'Meet and Eat' in Pretoria in the old days.

Not only are the gonna whip your ass, they gonna tell you how much you will pay-- to the last 50 cents...

And in this one they REALLY gonna whip your ass. ( click for big)
You got to figure how careful this bushbaby was to cross that intersection.....
Like that is a flight ticket to St Maarten and back...
Piss me off seriously if I got bust, make no mistake.
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