Saturday, September 12, 2009


So from Lakeworth we left for Savanah in the state of Georgia.
Supposed to be one of those quaint places.
Halfway there we stayed in a cheepo motel. Big mistake, I HATE staying in places like that.
I did not like Savanah at all, to much like St. Maarten.
I mean, it is not ugly or polluted, but is has a bit of the aggro Caribbean flavour I dislike intensely.
This is one of those "Retro Chic" developments so favoured by liberal history conscious architects.
They take a trashed fugly train station, ware house, prison or such and leave it "just as it is, doll" and rent out the spaces for packets of money.
Rusted, broken and unpainted balconies, fracked bricks all give it the 'old world rustic charm'
This is an entrance to an apartment, I kid you not. Someone has actually been conned into believing that this is worth spending money for, and I assume, lives there.
Or maybe he locks his mother-in-law in there.
They just don't play around here.
Now is this was applied to St. Maarten the whole population would be poor and in jail. Governor included.
Right now we are in Charlston, which looks like a great place..more on that tomorrow.
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