Wednesday, September 16, 2009

To Asheville and Back

We found a great place for a hamburger. It is a national chain called the Red Robin.
This is a TV mounted in the floor for people to watch while they wait for a table.
I am quite an expert on junk food and I gave this one a ten out of ten.
Even Anne liked her burger so much that en route to Asheville we stopped for another one.

Red Robin is quite innovative. Click on the pictures to enlarge them, by the way
Well today we left Raleigh and headed up to Asheville.
People told us it was a arty type of place high up in the mountains of North Carolina. It was raining as we left this morning, so we figured we better buy a jersey or some thing warm, since I don't actually own a jersey or any coat.
Or any warm clothing, for that matter.
Which we did, because we were going to spend a few days there.
As you ride on the highways there are turnoffs and the there are these giant shopping parks that supply the surrounding towns.
Quite surreal.
Anyway, we got to Asheville, which we are told is also known as 'hashville'...mmmmmm, really?
Figures, because there are a fair amount of hippie types that are attracted to the arty scene.
You know, the bandanna, bearded, Rastafarian, glazed eyed types with tattoos in inelegant places.
I can't stand them, personally.
If any one sports the "artistic" look they are normally lousy artists.
This is something I have learnt over the years.
Anyway Hashville has oodles of them all revelling in the cosmic cool factor.
We found the place to be derelict.
Like Yeoville in Jo'burg.
With streets like this.
And houses like this, down town.
And gang graffiti every where, like in the butt end of LA.
We went to the visitors center and the recommended a hotel downtown.
When we got there it was like the Grande Hotel in Hilbrow, so sleazy that even the cockroaches ate out.
We left.....
There. And. Then.
Never mind buying the T shirt, I had already bought the jersey.
That was enough.
On our way back, in the beautiful Black Mountains of North Carolina.
Lots like Knysna or Pilgrims rest in SA.

The Vola and us.
Lovely mist and meadow.
Can you believe there is COSMOS in North Carolina?
Just had to pose for this one.
So we booked into a Holiday Inn near Spartanburg .
I don't really like Holiday inns, and this one turned out too not be good.
There was no room safe, no fridge and the coffee making machine was in the bathroom.
But the straw that broke Anne's patience was that the Internet connection did not work.
And what really made her go postal was when the indian reception lady suggested we
Quote "steal another wi-fi connection" Unquote.
In other words, tap into someone else's connection illegally.
"We pay a hundred (expletive deleted) dollars for a room, and we have to STEAL an internet connection?"
So we went to another hotel.
There. And. Then.
And at dinner, Madam decided to just order two starters,
Ahem, they were somewhat large...these starters in America.
Notwithstanding the financial troubles in America, there is obviously still some brilliant financing available.
A lawyers car, maybe? Or maybe a cops wife?
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