Monday, September 7, 2009

Vola's and Andre Stander

So after we hired a car at the airport,a Kia, Anne decided that it was much to big for her to drive and she wants to change it, We got our own cell phone by now, which proved to be quite easy, unlike in 2002 when cell phones were not as well known in America. This time we just bought a new sim card and poef! we were connected, Last time we had to buy a new cell phone and it was a major thing charging it with airtime.
Anyway, so Madam and I trot off to the airport again and Ann uses her powerful powers of persuasion and makes these guy not only write off the petrol we have driven out in the first car but give her this VW at the same rate as the KIA . The Vola (afrikaans slang for a VW) is $20 more expensive than a Kia per day, which over three weeks is quite a lot of moola.
Turns out though the Vola is a real piece of shit though. For one, it can only fit one suitcase in the back. So the others are in the back seat, where they are easily visible.
Anne wanted to go back and change it again, but I was already embarrassed enough, so we mar stuck with this thing.
In 1984 there was a bank robber called Andre Stander who achieved real notoriety in SA. He was a cop who would rob banks in his lunch hour during work. Ran circles around the cops at the time. Figures, since he worked for them....
Anyway he escaped to Ft. Lauderdale and was killed by the USA cops in this street where I am standing. SE 13th.
We were there so we took some pics.
These are roads in Boca Roton, a very cool suburb like Waterkloof Ridge in PTA

They REALLY get into their hedge trimming

Big Time

A Mall, USA style.
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