Sunday, October 25, 2009

The Egg and Dinosaur Project

I starts with an idea and then a kak drawing of the sort of thing I want.
Then I sort of roll and draw (as in draw plate) the metal out and bend it to the sort of shape.
Then I add a gear. These are gears I vulcanised from my gear gun and now I have them cast for my use
More are added and polished.
I have discovered that the basic foundation of any piece, be that jewellery or a steam punk piece, must be to get it precise and accurate as possible.If you frack up the foundations. you sweat all the way up to completion.

Here I have cut out a basic shape in plate brass.
These will be shaped in a more elegant form and then fabricated into a more fitting hollow shape.

This mechanical steam punk dinosaur will be an instrument of warfare.

Even though there is no head yet.......
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