Thursday, October 29, 2009

Furtheration of the Dino War Machine

This is as far as I have got on my new Dino Egg steampunk project after 23 hours of work.
The basic legs are finished to the point that I carry on with the body head and tail.
Eventually it is going to be a Steam punk Dino War machine.
The whole thing is going to be incased in a brass and translucent egg, that closes and opens mechanically.

Check the evil feet I made.

Anyway, the 'something inside an egg' thing is not a new concept, because Faberge did that in the 1890's with his imperial eggs he made for the Tzar.
Probably the best goldsmithing skills that were ever achieved in the world. Ever.
The coronation egg, for instance was made to commemorate the 1896 Coronation of Czar Nicholas II.
It is an exquisite piece of workmanship, and the last time it changed hands, it was rumoured to be sold for $24,000,000.
The egg was at that time presented as a gift to his spouse, the Tsaritsa, Empress Alexandra Fyodorovna in 1897.
When you open it up there is a replica of the Catherine's Gold Coach of 1793.
Complete with moving wheels, opening doors, actual C-spring shocks, and a tiny folding step-stair
The only problem I got with this, is the egg thing.
I mean this Tzar guy has got big bucks, millions of people to do what he wants and he gives his wife an egg with a fancy Dinky toy inside.
I can just see it.
The next day she sends a messenger with a cleft stick to her buddy in the next door castle.
" Petrushka, you won't believe what Nicholas gave me last night"!
" A real gold coach! Why don't you bring the one Alexi gave you and we'll race them down the castle passages"?
"What say you"?
Really Nicholas, could you not think of something more feminine like the Russian equivalent of a iPod or a Guchi or even trans Siberian train holiday.

It's the same as if Bob in America has an 14kt egg made at the local Fast Fix center and that night over dinner at the local Outback restaurant he gives it to his wife Martha.
She opens it and inside is a Chevy Suburban complete with a fold-up stroller and a sticker on the back that says "I voted for change"
A little less than exciting.
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