Tuesday, October 20, 2009

The Sign Saga

I first started by removing the sign, as I have blogged before.

Fixing those letters that I had made four years before was only marginally less work that remaking them from scratch.
They are made like this:
A wood base was cut out with a Jig saw.
Then thermoplastic sides were added.
I used an industrial heat gun to form the thermoplastic around the wood base.
The wood forms the 'bottom' and the thermo forms the dam.
Then polyester resin is added, colored black
This makes a ridged letter, and bolts are at the same time cast in to the resin to attach the letters to the background.
So the letter stands proud from the background.

Which is a white 20mm formo plastic sheet, cut to the right size.

Which is a major mission, because my workshop is to small to set up my circular saw and electric planer, so I have to do it all by hand....

Anyway, there it is all semi-installed, with Anne's handlanger help.
Frack, that was hard work, and to add insult to injury, GEBE, the electricity non supply company went off twice today for a total of 2.5 hours.
They are the most useless (words fail) on the island.

And, not to put to a fine point on it, this was what my T shirt looked like after the work.
Sweat or what!
The shower afterwards was supreme..
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