Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Stolen Ego and Starter Motor.

Coming from Africa, I can't even remember how many things have been stolen from me.
Hi fi's, electrical tools, motorbikes, toolboxes, list is very long, even if could remember half.
One that I remember well, though was my very favourite part of my Ego.
My Syncro.

I spent many hundreds of hours and many thousands of bucks on her. It was the last of the VW 4 wheel drive buses that VW had made.
I handmade all the outside fixtures , a hot shower system, solar panels, electrical fridge, double bed, six tyres and dual batteries, coils, alternators, water pumps etc etc
And 140 litres of petrol and 80 liters of water.
A real tough bush vehicle.
And then one night, as we and our friends were walking out to go and eat out at a excellent restaurant, she was stolen.
Gone, just like that.
We had noticed a car with gentlemen of dark complection behind us, and it turns out they were following us.
Casing us out to see where they could attack us.
As it was, Ann and I stopped in my buddies drive-way and luckily we were inside the house when they struck.
Major bummer.
So when we got to St Maarten, we bought a small cheapo pickup for trapping around in.
( I mean the island is fracking small)
Which I tie to a pole every night.
And I remove the steering wheel every night as well.

And I drilled and riveted the number plate number in three sides of the pickup.

And I made a hidden battery cut off switch.

And I acid etched the number plate number in the windscreens.
And I have a steering lock on the pedals.
And the spare tyre is chained to the car.
And there are special wheel nuts so you can't remove the tyres.
You betcha..
So this morning I get in and the car won't start.
FRACK, can you believe it ?
The caribs stole my starter motor.
Luckily, I could buy a new one---$400 later.
We push started the car and I rode it into town, let it idle outside the spares shop, bought the starter, and when back to fit it.
Made sure I didn't stall the car.
I stamped it with my name.
Then I remounted it with stainless steel cap bolts.
And then I ground the faces of the bolts flat, so they cannot be removed without a major mission.
The way I figure it, the starter motor is brand new, and I'll worry how to remove it if and when that happens....fracking thieves.
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