Friday, October 2, 2009

Time Tower Stuff

Okay, so this is actually a technical blog, more for documenting the stuff that I make.
At least, that is how is started out.
So like the travel stuff has ended. Unfortunately...
So here we go....
I been working on the Time Tower these last couple of days.
This picture is with one of the watch movements that I bought in the USA.

I put the power feed into it. I want the lights to be variable .

So I disassembled a dimmer switch and made a custom perspex box and fitted it into the top.
It is going to get a big stop-cock handle on it.
Still to be made.

Rear entry. Power, that is...
I made this custom and wraped copper wire around it.
Gives the Steam Punk look, which is what this project is about, after all.....

These are the custom made fittings I made for the power entry.

The first attempt at bending brass tubing was a bit less than successful.
I used a small pipe bender and it kinked the tubing.

So what I did it to take Bismuth metal, melt it and pour it into the brass tubing.
This is a low melting alloy available here.
Then when it's cold, I bend it.
Then I melt it out again.
Bingo, done.
No kinks.
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