Sunday, November 22, 2009

Jewellery and Dino Stuff

Another St Maarten Map. One of my best sellers.
White gold background and fused yellow gold on the edges.
The top side is the french side of the "permanent lunch time"
and the bottom side is the place of the " jacuzzi sized pot holes".
Ha Ha , I no joke, mon....

A bi-metal men's wedding band. of all the men's jewellery I make and sell, this has also got to be my best design.
And you know, it does look good on a guy.

There's this SA hottie that comes into my shop with tears in her pretty blue eyes.
One of the local sweat shops had engraved the compass that she wanted to give to her boyfriend like this.
A complete frack up. The guy forgot the 'I' so he put it in afterwards.

I don't engrave, so she decided to have her message done like this.
Silver relief letters on a crishy back ground.

The Dino War Machine has had a lot more work added to it.

The head has had extensive work done on it.
And two secondary Gatling guns have been added.

These Gatling guns are able to fire multiple war ordinances.
From nerve gas bullets to expanding flettchet rounds, each is capable of firing up to 600 rounds per second.
This tends to reduce the enemy to a fine mist.
And in that form they become less dangerous.

The side and rear firing abilities have been enhanced by modification to the phosphor bronze projector at the tip of the tail.

The outer tips are based on the Trioxinol Five theory, which dictates that all plans for war change when war commences.
Thus each tip is able to pierce the fog of war, and in the heat of battle, collectively they are able to guide the Dino War Machine to wreak the maximum of damage with the minimum of energy expended.

The head has been fitted with a mamba venom gun on each side.
These are able to fire a stream of armour piercing venom at hardened enemy targets.
This venom can be changed from, as the name suggests, mamba venom to hydrofluoric acid during firing operations.
The obsidian eyes are still being constructed.
They will be optical receptors that work from the infra red to the gigahertz wavelengths.

A rear view showing the gas emitter tubing.
This is able to emit a cloud of toxic gas over the enemy.
It must be understood the the Geneva Convention does not apply to this machine.
The object of this machine is to kill the enemy, finish and klaar.
This shows the battle ground adjustments that can be carried out by this machine.
In this picture it is fine tuning the plasma receptor.

With a giant sigh of relief, the remaining enemy watch the machine walk away, searching for new foe to vanquish.
This is then the basic machine.
The spine on the back still has to be manufactured and added.
For that I will cast more gears and various odds and ends in brass.
Also there are many more copper tubes, gears and whatnot's to be added.
However, I am not going to post on this project again until it is completely finished.
The machine part, that is.
The reason is that it is painful to post on increments.
Like if you building a house and you post on adding the bathroom tap washers....right.
The project is at around 120 hours and I expect it to take another 40 or so hours more.
That is the first phase.
Then I am going to make a frosted glass and brass egg in which this machine will reside.
In 2010. That is going to be fun.
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