Friday, November 6, 2009

A Bangle, A Pendant, An Exibition and the Dino War Machine

Here is a nice bangle I made on commission for a lady from Scotland. Set with a Nigerian blue tourmaline that I cut last year. She also bought the blue tourmaline that I posted on in my last post, so they go nicely together.
We don't get many Scottish people on the island, mostly Americans.
Just got to love that accent. Of all the accents in English, to me Scottish is the nicest.
This is a chased/repouse and fused gold brooch set with a very nice Opal of some 8 carats.
Don't laugh! I have seen a resurgence of peace signs in the last year.
This has got to be the first fused one I have made ever, though.
I think it's cool though.

Last night we went to an art exhibition on the french side of the island.
Pretty or what! I love this blurred photo of Anne.
A piece by my buddy Doug Hazelton. It has also got a gigantic shower head in it.

This was cool. Made out of steel, it's got a post nuclear Matrix feel to it.
Weighs about 300 kilo's and the base is carved marble.
A snip at 44000 euro.
By the same artist. Also steam punkish. 14000 EU only
And the Dino War Machine continues.
I know the head looks to big, but the body is still going to have all kinds of stuff added to it.
Mean looking, not? The head swivels. I'll start the tail next week, I think.
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